Already long ago, our ancestors noticed the essential importance and contribution of earthworms to the process of composting and formation of soil fertility. Also Charles Darwin, the legendary creator of the evolution theory, has pointed out that earthworms like no other organism had played a significant part in the history of formation of the soil. Today no other organism can be compared with earthworms in terms of the positive effect that they have on the wildlife. An earthworm helps to form natural richness of the soil by converting all the organic waste into a mould and thus improving productivity of the soil and enhancing its physical, mechanical, and agrochemical characteristics.

In the 1950’s, a question of quick and effective recycling of organic waste reached the agenda of the developed countries (USA, Japan, Canada), and earthworms were considered to be the best solution for the purpose.

Extensive recycling of agricultural produce triggers a problem of utilization and recycling of organic by-products. For more than 5 years, SIA GAHA experts have been looking for solutions that would allow without losses to recycle by-products of potato processing and to return these back to the soil in a new shape, thus, improving soil fertility and renewing soil resources for growing a variety of cultivated plants. As a result of our work and research, the company has produced a unique plant based product: VERMI-GR001 and VERMI-PW001.

If you as well want to be friends with nature, care for the environment and wish your housekeeping methods would compel to a sounder environment, this product is right for you. Applying the product in your garden, you will not only increase the fertility of the soil and crop yield of cultivated plants, but also preserve the environment and create favourable conditions for the diversity and activity of microorganisms.


VERMI-GR001 is a granulated vermicompost concentrate produced from a substrate of plants fed to earthworms. Thanks to its rich microorganism formula, when worked in the soil, VERMI-GR001 acts as a complex bio stimulator of organic plant origin. The shape of the product grains improves soil structure and looseness, prevents its compaction, and helps to retain its moisture.

VERMI-GR001 facilitates the formation of a strong plant root system, strengthens plants’ immunity against diseases, and increases crop yield.


Declared plant nutrients:
Total nitrogen (N) 1.4%
Total phosphorus (P2O5) 1.2%
Total potassium (K2O) 2.1%
Organic substances 29.5%
pH reaction 8.8
Moisture 30%

The usage of VERMI-GR001 granulated vermicompost concentrate in organic farming complies with the Commission Regulation (EC) No. 889/2008 of 5 September 2008.


VERMI-GR001 production process scheme


VERMI-GR001 vermicompost is a high-quality natural fertilizer containing a variety of biological microorganisms. It is produced by composting grass and potato pulp mass fed to California red earthworms. Consumed by millions of earworms, the organic substrate gets granulated, enriched with nutrients that are necessary for plants and supplemented with microorganisms and physiologically active substances from of the earthworms’ intestinal canal.

VERMI-GR001 vermicompost is an excellent organic fertilizer for renewal of soil productiveness and supply of macro- and microelements to plants. In the soil, the living microorganisms accelerate the process of formation of mineral substances in a form that is easily consumable by plants. The organic acids and physiologically active substances stimulate the growth of plants. The fulvic and humic acids in the formula of the mould have an essential impact on the structure of the soil and stimulate the growth of plants. The microorganisms in the formula of the mould produce natural antibiotics and eliminate plant disease carriers.

The vermicompost renews and improves the structure of the soil, preserves its looseness, and prevents its compaction. The vermicompost ensures soil aeration, improves the supply of oxygen to the plant roots, and perfectly retains and adjusts moisture of the soil.



Use as a basic and supplemental fertilizer for crop cultivation, vegetable and fruit gardening, floriculture.

Usage of this fertilizer enhances agrochemical characteristics of the soil, improves quality of agricultural produce, and increases crop yield. Only vermicompost can ensure the production of biologically clean produce.


Recommended dosages
Cultivated plant Dosage (approx.) Application method
Onions 150-200 g/m2
(3-4 handfuls)
Work into the soil on the depth of 10 cm when preparing the soil before vegetable sowing.
Carrots 40-80 g/m2
(1-2 handfuls)
Red beets
Lettuce 50-100 g/m2
(1-2 handfuls)
Pepper seedlings 30-50 g/seedling
(1 handful)
(2-3 tablespoons)
Work into the soil at the time of planting. Place one dosage of Vermi-1 per pit, mix with the soil, water the seedlings.
Tomato seedlings
Cucumber seedlings
Potatoes 20-50 g/tuber
(1 handful)
(2-3 tablespoons)
Work into the soil at the time of planting. Place under each tuber.
Strawberry seedlings 50 g/seedling
(1 handful)
Work into the soil at the time of strawberry planting. Mix the fertilizer with the soil, water the seedlings.
Berry bushes (currants, black currants, gooseberries, etc.) 200-500 g/bush
(4-10 handfuls)
Work into the soil at the time of seedling planting. Mix the fertilizer with the soil. Water the seedlings. For growing sprouts and bushes, work into supplemental fertilizer.
Fruit-trees (apple-trees, pear-trees, cherries, etc.) 500-700 g/tree
(10-14 handfuls)
Work into the soil at the time of fruit-tree planting. Mix the fertilizer with the soil. Water the seedlings. For growing sprouts and bushes, work into additional fertilizer.
Berry bushes and fruit-trees – supplemental fertilizing during vegetation 250 g/m2
(5 handfuls)
Work into the upper layer of the soil in early spring or after harvesting preserving a coronial shape around growing berry bushes seedlings, bushes and fruit-trees. Water the seedlings, if necessary.

Practical application results:

VERMI-GR001 granulated vermicompost is easier to work into the soil mechanically, its dosage depends on the type of a cultivated plant. In comparison with powder vermicompost, the necessary dosage is 5-15 times smaller.

Conducting VERMI-1 experimental usage for potatoes in 2013, the fertilizer facilitated the development of the root system (see the picture). Following local application of VERMI-GR001 for ‘Zuzanna’ starch potato in organic farming on the area covering from 600 (manually) up to 657 kg/ha (mechanically), the potato crop yield increased per 18-36% in comparison with the control (see the graphs).




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